types of contitutions

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Meaning of the constitutional law
A constitution is a set of fundamental principle or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed. The fundamental law of state containing the principles upon which the government is founded and regulating the divisions of the sovereign powers directing to what persons each of these powers is to be confided and the manner it is to be exercised as the constitution of the United States. A constitution may also mean the act of constituting or state of being constituted. It may also be defined as a legislative charter by which government or group derives its authority to act. The words constitution and government are sometimes employed to express the same idea the manner in which sovereignty is exercised in each state. Constitution is also name of the instruments containing the fundamental laws of the state. By constitution the civilians and from them the common law writers imply some particular law as the constitutions of the emperors contained in the respective codes regulating their territory. In other branches of law the word may imply a different meaning for example the constitution of a contract is the making of the contract as the written constitution of a debt. For the purpose of our study the term constitution will be used to imply the fundamental law unwritten, that establishes the character of a government by defining the basic principles to which a society must conform by describing the organization of the government and regulation distribution and limitation on the function of different. Government departments and by prescribing the extent and manner of the exercise of its sovereign powers The concepts of a constitution dates to the city –states of ancient Greece. The philosopher Aristotle (384-322b.c) in his work politics analyses over 150 Greek constitutions. He described a constitution as creating the frame upon which the government and laws of a society are built. A constitution may be defined as an organization of offices in a state by which the method of their distribution is fixed the sovereign authority is determined and the nature of the end to be pursued by the association and all its members is prescribed laws as distinct from the frame of the constitution are the rules by which the magistrate should exercise their powers and should watch and check transgressors.


1. The constitution gives powers and strength to the state and government. makes sure that the government has reasonable powers but does not take away individual rights.
2. The constitution establishes values and ideals into the state. For example: Democracy
Liberty etc.

3. The constitution stabilizes the government in that the organs of government perform their functions according to the provisions of the constitution. -This provides balance in the government.

4. The constitution provides for the bill of rights.
5. It describes the powers and functions of different organizations and the relations between these organs. This include: legislature
The subordinate governments [counties, cities and towns.]
6. Establishes linkage between state and citizens.
it determines the nature of relations between them.
it connects the ruler to the ruled and vice versa.
7. The constitution lends legitimacy and identity to the state. 8. The constitution supports statutory laws regulations and actions supported by those laws....
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