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A conflict is a natural and unavoidable aspect of modern life which forms part of any team or relationship. It can be defined as a state of opposition, disagreement or incompatibility between two or more people or groups of people. There are different types of conflicts that can be of concern in an organization that supply fast moving goods across a particular country and these are: •Interpersonal conflict

Intragroup conflict
Intergroup conflict
Interorganisational conflict
This conflict occurs when there are differences in opinions between two or more individuals. People naturally have different personality, values and goals and when such people work in the same organization conflicts are likely to occur. Any organization, including the one that supplies fast moving goods have goals and objectives and employees’ approaches to the attainment of the objectives usually differ and do not match, this will give rise to a conflict. Because people’s thoughts, views and opinions about any particular problem are different, they often share them with their colleagues who may not feel they are right and may strongly object to them. A lot of people find it difficult to handle these objections from their co-workers and they end up getting frustrated and feeling insecure within the organization. They tend to feel that their contribution is not worth it. When this kind of conflict continues the quality of work is negatively affected. People end up not delivering their best performance, teams break up and people in the same office get divided and the overall productivity of the office is affected. Such a conflict can be between the manager and the subordinate or between an employee and another employee. The different workers in the organization have different personalities and these individuals relate differently with each other. An individual may have a positive relationship with another individual and a negative one with another individual...
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