Types of Communication in Hong Kong

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Nonverbal communication in Hong Kong Business

Sirikul Pasek


MBA501 – Global Business Com.

Judith Wurster


May 28th, 2013

Position Statement: Nonverbal communication is significant key to succeed in negotiation with Hong Kong businessmen.

Introduction: Hong Kong is one of the biggest market hub for business investment in Asia. It blends between two cultures: English and Chinese.

Due to its long period of western oriented rule and highly urbanized population,

Hong Kong is a bustling, multi-cultural hub of international business and finance. Still retaining traditional Chinese cultural values, Hong Kong continues to drive forward with a western capitalist business mentality. Understanding this mixture is essential for those seeking to successfully do business in Hong Kong.

Topic: Nonverbal communication in Hong Kong Business

• Attention-getter:

- Collectivism – People in Hong Kong put the collective’s good in front of the individual’s needs. Family is the strongest collective and the cornerstone of society. Large number of businesses in Hong Kong are family owned.

- Concept of Face – In Hong Kong a person’s reputation and social standing rests on the concept of ‘saving face’, which depends on adhering to ethical and social norms of society in all situations and times. Closely connected to the importance of the collective, it is very important to maintain group harmony and avoid overt conflict so as to not lose face. Losing face will reflect on someone’s family as well as any other groups to which he or she belongs. To avoid this Hong Kong people always keep calm, do not show strong emotions in public and do not criticize openly.

- East meets West – Hong Kong is a place where East meets West. With a predominately Chinese population and a past under British rule, Hong Kong has developed into a place where Chinese traditions are mixed with Western values and ways of life. Characterized by confluence and contradictions, Hong Kong has its own unique identity, which combines elements from different worlds. (Communicaid Group Ltd., 2009).

- “Name cards are very important,” says Nicolas Touchard of the French wine company M. Chapoutier. “People want to build their networks, so they are always handing out business cards at every occasion. They might not remember what you look like, but they will remember where they got your business card.”(THE INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, 2011)

Audience motivation: Hong Kong operates under the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ mindset set out by Beijing. The double benefits of a capitalist system and easy access to the Chinese market make Hong Kong one of the world’s foremost business centers. To take advantage fully of this unique business culture, an understanding of Hong Kong’s complex internal relationships between western business ideals and traditional Chinese culture is essential.

Credibility: Article in New York Times: The Name Game: Business Cards an Essential Part of Operating in China

• Thesis statement: Although Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan island with very high reputation, it also has some special culture that everyone should follow in order to build personal relationships with Hong Kong people, a foreign businessman should better pay attention to these specific aspects: dining, gift giving and business card etiquette.


I. Some people believe that we should deal and talk about business as soon as possible unlike in Hong Kong we suppose not to talk about business during dining time.

1. Hong Kong people do not like to do business with stranger. That is why they need to know and learn about business partner at dining time.

2. Eating or Dinning is tend to be an important thing to run business with Hong Kong people.

* Do: Toasting is an important part of a Chinese dinner....

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