Types of communication

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Types of Communication

Types of Communication:
There are various types of Communication. This communication’s are 1. Horizontal communication
2. Vertical communication
3. Upward communication
4. Downward communication.
Here I discuss briefly about all the types of communication.

Horizontal communication

Horizontal communication:
When an employee of same level communicates each other than it can be labeled as horizontal communication. It helps employees to perform the task efficiently. In the words of R. Pal and Korlahalli, “Communication between department and people on the same level in the managerial hierarchy of an organization may be termed as horizontal or lateral communication. Thus it can be stated that exchange of information between same level employees of different departments in Horizontal Communication.

Horizontal Communication
Advantages of Horizontal Communication

Advantages of Horizontal Communication:
There are many advantages of Horizontal Communication. These advantages are as follows: 1. Better Understanding:
Horizontal communication ensures better understanding, accordingly employees of different division able to perform their job more efficiently. 2. Coordination:
Direct communication by breaking the vertical channel strengthens the bondage between employees of different departments which helps to boost up co-ordination. 3. Increase Productivity:
Horizontal communication minimizes the problems of understanding among various departments as a result, productivity increased. 4. Better implementation of decision:
Decisions are made by top management but they are executed by the lower level employees. When lower level employees allowed communicating each other through horizontal communication, it helps to realize the policy and ensures better implementation of decision. 5. Motivation:

Horizontal communication not only increases the level of coordination but also facilitates the task of motivation. 6. Cordiality:
Due to the free flow of information cordiality among the employees increases considerably. 7. Employee morale:
Better understanding and cordial environment also boost-up the morale of the employees. 8. Teamwork:
In any organization for some specific purposes teamwork is essential. Horizontal communication is a prerequisite for successful teamwork.

9. Job satisfaction:
Another major advantage of horizontal communication is, it increases job satisfaction of the employees. By ensuring cordial atmosphere and lifting the morale of employees horizontal communication plays a vital role in increasing the job satisfaction.

Disadvantages of Horizontal Communication

There are some disadvantages of Horizontal Communication. These disadvantages are as follows: 1. Lack of Control:
Sometimes too much horizontal communication creates problem for the management and controlling may become difficult as the horizontal communication increases. 2. Conflict:
By passing the vertical channel horizontal communication allows the employees to communicate freely but sometimes it leads to personal conflict. 3. Time Consuming:
Communication in addition to vertical instruction may delay the implementation of decision. 4. Lack of discipline:
As strict rules are not followed organizational discipline also can be hampered in horizontal communication. **** **** ****

Vertical Communication
Vertical Communication:
The official communication that takes place between superiors and subordinates are known as vertical communication. This is the most common form of communication of an organization. It can be downward or upward.

Advantages of Vertical Communication
There are many advantages of Vertical Communication. These advantages are as follows: 1. Discipline:
In vertical communication official channels are used thus strict discipline can be maintained. 2. Record:
As it follows the formal media it has documentary evidence which can be used in future. 3. Provide...
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