Types of Chemical Reactions

Topics: Chemical reaction, Combustion, Bunsen burner Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: April 18, 2005
Classes of Chemical Reactions

Whenever a reaction takes place, energy is changed as well when the substances react chemically. Scientists have taken these changes in energy and generalized them. Scientists can take these generalizations and discover more about the nature and tendencies of matter. In this lab, the purpose was to perform seven reactions, write down their equations, and identify the type of reaction. In this lab report, several methods of displaying this information will be applied.

1.A piece of Magnesium was obtained at about two centimeters in length. The strip was thin and easily bent or twisted. It had a metallic surface and was brittle. It was silver in color. A flame from a Bunsen burner was held to the Mg, and it ignited, giving off a brilliant white light. Looking directly into the light resulted in temporary blindness, which would explain the warning on the procedures that strongly suggested not looking directly into the light. After the flame had extinguished itself due to lack of fuel, the Mg had turned from a metallic strip to an off-white powder, which crumbled at the slightest irritation. The magnesium had bonded with the oxygen gas in the air from the energy that was applied to it and formed magnesium oxide. The type of reaction was a synthesis reaction, as is shown by this equation.

2Mg(s) + O2(g) = 2MgO(s)

2.A piece of copper was obtained. It was a small, rounded wire that could be bent, although with a greater difficulty than the Mg strip from the previous account. It was copper in color (never saw that one coming, didja) and had a metallic luster. The copper was put in the flame of a Bunsen burner and after several seconds, it began to blacken. The flame was applied to it for about a minute and a half, and the copper appeared silvery under intense heat, but when it was removed from the flame, the silver color quickly faded. The copper strip was now black all over, and the change in color...
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