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or more than several decades the box camera (viewfinder) was the instrument of choice for the casual amateur photographer. Inexpensive and simple, it was, nevertheless, capable of excellent results under many conditions. Box cameras were normally fitted with a single-element lens, a limited range of aperture control, and a single-speed leaf shutter.   The Folding-Roll Film Camera  Second in popularity only to the box camera, the folding camera was manufactured in a variety of formats. Basically, though, it was a box camera whose lens was incorporated into a movable bellows that could slide back and forth on a rail, allowing the lens to change focus

s. Lenses and shutters were often one-piece units. More elaborate models were first-rate instruments with high-quality optical systems

and precision shutters. Many were fitted with coupled rangefinders. The most significant advantage they have over the box camera, however, was their compact design when folded, which made them easier to pack and transport.  There has been something of a minor renaissance in folding-roll film cameras in recent years, with appearance of several new professional instruments. They are appreciated for their large negative size and compact design. 

Range Finder Camera - Similar to a Viewfinder type camera this camera does not use a lens to view the subject but instead relies on a separate viewing system in the camera for aiming and for focus.  The range finder camera allows for accurate focus, however, by using two views of the same subject to adjust focus. In this camera there are two images in the viewfinder. One is usually only a portion of the viewer area and is usually slightly yellowish in color. The photographer adjusts the focus ring on the lens and as they do the two images move. When both on directly on top of each other they blend together and almost disappear signifying the camera is  in focus.  The rangefinder is accurate and usually very quiet and very light weight.  It...
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