Types of Business Communication

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Business Communication
Business Letters

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Types of letters

Writing a letter is an old tradition. These days very few people indulge in this art. If writing a letter to a friend, relative, higher authority shows respect, effort and concern towards that person. Writing a letter takes time but helps in letting out views and feelings. This is the best way to express in a clear manner. Letter is a personal document and should have something that brings out personality traits. There are two types of Letters:

Business Letters - Business letters are written between an organization and a customer or between two organizations. They serve the purpose of proposing a business transaction, accepting an offer, extending an apology in business, inviting for a professional event, etc. They follow a specific format and use formal language. Personal Letters - Personal letters are written to friends, family members, and relatives. They can be formatted differently and written in casual style of language. They do not follow any specific guidelines and are subjective in nature. These letters are written to give best wishes, inquire about someone, to inform about an incident, etc. The following points on how to write a letter:

Follow conventions while writing a letter. The senders address, receivers address, date and subject and reference in some cases have to be mentioned clearly at the beginning of the letter. Begin the letter with a proper greeting. Depending on the relationship with the recipient, address him or her. begin with "Dear" followed by the name of the person. In case do not know the gender of the person addressing to in formal letters then can mention "Dear Sir/Madam" The body of the letter should begin with the main message that has to be conveyed in the letter. The reader has to clearly understand what the letter is about through the first line. Make paragraphs in the letter...
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