Types of Business Activity

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The Coca Cola Company is a global company that makes soft drinks. It is most known for producing the soft drink Coca Cola. The company claims that the drink is sold in more than 200 countries and is produced in Atlanta, Georgia. It was originally intended as a patent medicine when it was invented in the late 19th century by John Pemberton; Coca Cola was bought out by businessman Asa Griggs Candler, whose marketing tactics led Coke to its dominance of the world soft-drink market throughout the 20th century. The Coca Cola Company is a public organisation that’s sole aim is to provide a quality soft drink to consumers and to maximise profits while doing this. The company is in the secondary sector of business as it only sells a product, this being soft drinks. Business Purposes

Coca Cola exists because at the time there was a gap in the market for soft drinks. Today Coca Cola is the most successful soft drinks manufacturer in the world and they make a lot of profit.

A profit organisation is a company such as Coca Cola. A non-profit organisation is an organisation such as the NHS. The main reason for this is because both organisations have different reasons for the business, so therefore different objectives.

Some companies may choose to make a loss on certain products, this is initially because they want to get new customers to try there product, they make sure the price is really cheap so the customers will purchase it and try it, and once the customers have tried it they will then bump their prices back up to make a profit.

The NHS for example makes a loss so that everyone can afford health care because they want to provide a service. The NHS also will pay private health care organisations such as BUPA to take some patients away from them to reduce waiting time so customers are happier with the service provided.

Coca Cola supply their products through other companies, they sell their products to them and that’s how they make their profit. They also have vending machines that are stocked up by Coca Cola themselves.


Coca Cola

Coca Cola is a public limited company which means that it is permitted to offer its shares to the public. This means shares are sold on the stock market, and if stock increases then the value of the stock also increases so the public make profit.


The NHS is part of a government department funded by taxpayer’s money. This therefore means everyone in the country can get healthcare for free.


Stakeholders are anyone that has an interest in the business, for example at a local college a stakeholder could be a local resident who lives near the college. They could be affected if litter from the college is outside their house. Other stakeholders such as customers interested in purchasing clothes from a shop want to maximise quality on the clothes but don’t want to pay too much. Another stakeholder could be an employee, they want to maximise their salary but want job security.

Coca Cola

Customers are stakeholders of Coca Cola as they purchase the product with the intent to be satisfied with the quality of it and to fulfil the needs of the customer and to be rewarded with special offers etc. They also don’t want to pay too much for it but still want a high quality product and finally good customer service and want to be rewarded for their loyalty.


My second organisation is the NHS. The customers of the NHS want high quality healthcare but not to pay too much for it through their taxes. They also want the hospital to be fairly close to them.

Coca Cola

Employees are another stakeholder as they are employed by Coca Cola to either create the product, market or distribute the product. While doing this they want to be paid very well, have flexible working hours, job security, chance of promotion, have a good amount of holiday, get sick pay and get some sort of health care. Another point is that employees want to work for ethical...

Links: and interdependencies is links within a business. Your supplier and owners are linked as they want it to be successful so they can make profit. I love men
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