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The history of television comprises the work of numerous engineers and inventors in several countries over many decades.. The first practical demonstrations of television, however, were developed using electromechanical methods to scan, transmit, and reproduce an image.

The television works by receiving wireless transmitted electromagnetic waves and changing them into sound and light energy that is used for viewing television. The beginning of the television is littered with a series of devices that were very effective at getting wireless electronic patterns that contained light and sound information

.Lots of people do. watch films, programmes and television series.

T.v makes people lazy.LIKE with every new things or inventions that come, people react to it differently. years throughout history has changed. Now, TV changed our outlook on the world bring us the news instead of waiting hours to read it on the paper

Besides 3D another great convergence is Internet with the TV. If you listen to media hype you would think Well, the truth is you can plug any computer into the Internet and attach it to a TV. No special device necessary!

Provided your TV has HDMI or DVI (most TV’s have this). However, what is exciting is some companies are blending the “FREE” content of the Internet, with the best of paid content to provide one place for all of you entertainment.

T.V comes in varieties like portable tvs, 3d tvs, hd tvs and etc.

They have developed some new technology that taps into the power of your brain to not only display video but even helps you learn faster (installing knowledge) and can even take you on “dream based” vacations.

.. Some scientists have figured out a way to make massive HD screens that are ultra thin and can be applied like wallpaper.

This remarkable new screen technology will revolutionize the home…. Imagine changing the color of your walls, interacting with your walls and putting screens everywhere, on any

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