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Topics: Software testing, Unified Modeling Language, Project management Pages: 45 (9891 words) Published: April 5, 2011

Proposed syllabus
T. Y. B. Sc. Computer Science

(To be implemented from
June, 2010)

TYBSc Computer Science Syllabus

• There are 4 units in each paper. The detailed references of books are either mentioned at the respective topics or at the end of the paper.

• It is expected that the question paper will have 5 questions as given below –

|Questions |Term I |Maximum Marks* |Maximum Marks* | | | |(For Paper I, II,III &IV) |(For AC1 & AC2) | |Q1 |Based on Units |20 |12 | | |1, 2, 3 & 4 | | | |Q2 |Based on Unit 1 |20 |12 | |Q3 |Based on Unit 2 |20 |12 | |Q4 |Based on Unit 3 |20 |12 | |Q5 |Based on Unit 4 |20 |12 | | |Total |100 |60 |

* In papers I to IV, maximum marks with options should be set for 30 marks with internal options and for AC1 & AC2, maximum marks with options should be set for 18 marks with internal options.

• Syllabus details gives list of practicals with minimum number of practicals to be performed. • For the purpose of examination, the break-up of total marks of practical will be as follows –

A) Main Subject Practical Examinations –
Experiment I (Group I Practical) :45 marks Experiment II (Group II Practical) :45 marks Experiment III (Group III Practical) :45 marks Experiment IV (Group IV Practical)

Project:50 marks

Journal(Group I To III) &
Viva voce on Journal:15 marks
200 marks
B) Applied Component Practical Examination
Experiment I (Group I AC) :35 marks
Experiment II (Group II AC) :35 marks

Journal(Group I & II) &
Viva voce on Journal:10 marks
80 marks

Note : Each student must maintain a record of experiments and project performed as per syllabus and must bring a certified journal and project report duly signed by the teacher concerned and HOD at the time of final examination.

• The Bachelor of Science BSc with Computer Science course has the status as one of the subject at the BSc course. It is further clarified that adequate laboratory staff are required for conduct BSc Computer Science practicals, on the same pattern as with the other science subjects such as physics, chemistry etc. For smooth conduct of practicals at FY, SY and TYBSc computer science, a minimum of 1 lab assistant and a minimum of 1 lab attendant be provided for each lab, each session, during entire period of laboratory practical session.

|Main |Subject...
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