Two Worlds Essay

Topics: Country classifications, Development, Poverty Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Throughout history, there has always been a gap between the wealthy and poor countries. Countries with economic stability always had the power to exploit the poor ones, due to their power and dominance. There are many evidences from the past which indicate that money within nations and the country itself, created a gap between the rich and poor. France, being a Core country today, had to go through major events and revolutions in order to become such a developed country, with lots to offer to its citizens. Before the French Revolution in 1789, the peasants’ incomes depended on how hardly they worked during the day. Women and the Third Estate (France’s middle-class and poor) sought to gain all of the political, economic, and social rights, which had been largely withheld from them. Their efforts to transform France from a nation ruled by the King, clergy, and aristocrats into one that took into account the needs of the entire nation helped lead to the French Revolution. Unfortunately, several more revolutions were required until France successfully established a republic, a government for all the people. Similarly, the Periphery countries of the world lack these important political and civil rights, including the right to participate in the government, freedom of expression, and equality before the law. In addition, Human rights encompass economic and social freedoms like the freedom of mobility within the country, which poor countries need to incorporate. In case of Cuba, the citizens’ right to leave their country is severely restricted, as the government would prosecute people for "illegal exit" if they attempted to leave without first obtaining official permission to do so. Evidently, there is a list of reasons why these rights and freedoms cannot be given to all parts of the world. Every political system is in charge of providing to its people: education, health care, jobs and distribution of...
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