Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt

Topics: Woman, Psychology, Thought Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Article Analysis
In the book, “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt,” author Jean Kilbourne explains how society negatively portrays women and their “expected” lifestyle. The photographs in this selection shocked me by the method of choice used within different advertisements to catch the readers eyes. I noticed some advertisements displaying promiscuous women who use their bodies to attract attention. Also, I noticed photographs suggesting women are less superior to men. Kilbourne quotes, “It is more often about power than passion...” (240). This leads me to believe the target audiences of these pictures are men who would seemingly relate to the thought of men being more superior than woman. In addition, I notice pictures of children at young ages who are naked or revealing themselves in inappropriate seductive manners. I feel as though that is an unprofessional way to advertise products and I don’t understand how anyone could agree with such photos involving children. I think we still see this behavior today as men often convince themselves to believe they have more power over woman. The news previews football players beating their wives and pop singers beating their girlfriends, yet society almost expects this behavior and allows it to become a negative influence, believing it is okay to beat someone. Also, it is very common that children, who grew up in abusive homes, result in being abusive as an adult. Kilbourne suggests, “It is often about…violence than violens.”(240). Overall, Kilbourne educates me on the view of woman in society in the past and made me realize how the same issues are present in today’s world.
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