Two Ways

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Spain, Immigration Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Self-transformation means self-assuming to be an American citizen, or more spiritually, an American. An immigrant who makes such assumptions expects governmental protect and embrace. The trauma of transformation is the price they are willing to pay as exchange for these benefits, while exile confronts exactly immigrants’' feeling of belonging. The trauma of self-transformation is therefore a dynamic against exile. In Bharati Mukherjee’s “Two Ways to Belong in America,” she outlines how both her sister and she came to the United States from India with the hopes of having a more privileged life. However, she spends the most of her piece describing the various complications that have ascended, between both herself and her sister, Mira, and how these costs have affected their opinions of the American dream. Bharati, in particular, sacrifices a great deal in order to move, settle, and prosper in the United States. From her piece, I acknowledged three costs that Bharati had to pay in order to continue to chase her dream. Bharati’s first cost is her Indian citizenship. While she has no problems with giving up her Indian citizenship, others are not so quick to abandon the legacy their ancestors have established. I think it’s noticeable why this is a more important cost to some immigrants. This brings me to Bharati’s second cost which is the disappearance of her ancestral legacy. Bharati, along with every immigrant who elected to acquire American citizenship, fails to obey her family’s established legacy as a result of receiving this citizenship. Again, she seems more than willing to deter from the path her family would like her to stay on. In other words, she has no problems “renouncing 3,000 years (at least) of caste-observant, “pure culture” marriage in the Mukherjee family”. Bharati’s third cost is her innocence. When Bharati talks about living with her husband in Canada and is suddenly discriminated and encouraged to relocate because of “a Green Paper that invited a...
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