Two Vastly Difrent Words Two Vastley Diffrent Meanings

Topics: Psychology, Stupidity, Idiot Pages: 2 (818 words) Published: April 28, 2010
Two vastly different words with Two vastly different meanings
Ignorance and Stupidity are words that are commonly used out of context and either word is often mistakenly used in the others rightful place. Ignorance is commonly mistaken for stupidity in society. Just as commonly, stupidity can be denied and termed as ignorance. To say that these words are one in the same is ignorance in and of its self, that is if one is uninformed of the true definitions of either word. When one has been informed of the correct definition and still uses the term out of context well, that is an example of stupidity. For many reasons these two words have two vastly different meanings which can be easily contrasted with some thought. Ignorance can be defined as having no knowledge or information in ones mind of a specific subject. Ignorance is the result of a lack of education, one can not be expected to have the correct response when exposed to something they are uneducated on. For example, a male student walks into his college math class half an hour late. He sits down and is then handed a quiz on calculus and instructed to finish the quiz in fifteen minutes. He hasn’t read any of the chapter on calculus assigned last week and he has missed the lecture on calculus that his teacher gave at the beginning of the class. This is the first he has heard of calculus and he has had no prior experience in the subject. Therefore the student was ignorant on the subject. He failed the quiz because of his ignorance. The student may have retained the information given on calculus well and aced the test had he obtained that information. Ignorance is also a term used to describe being unaware of something. Such as, when a good friend of mine bill ate crab legs for the first time he was ignorant to the fact that he was allergic to shellfish. His throat itched then swelled and he was quickly rushed to the...
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