Two Opposite Personality Types

Topics: Personality psychology, Message, Communication Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: November 16, 2011
Communication is very important, it helps us to build relationships with others and people can express their feelings by communication. Nevertheless, how can people communicate with opposite personality types? Here are some tips for ESTJ, which is what I am. As an extravert, I should respect introverts’ privacy and don’t ask them embarrassing questions because introverts generally have a greater need for privacy(Falikowski,86). Also, I should “take time to listen to them because introverts tend to be less spontaneous than extraverts and they need time to reflect before acting or responding.”(Falikowski, 86) Secondly, as a sensor, I should not “overgeneralize or state absolutes with intuitives because personal experience may give me confidence in their opinions and conclusions, but it does not guarantee necessary truth.”(Falikowski, 89) I also should “find new ways of expressing information to interact with intuitive personality types because they appreciate novelty, and unusual modes of expression and challenges.”(Falikowski, 89) Thirdly, as a thinker, I should “be more appreciative of others’ comments because thinking-type people are likely to consider their rationality and objectivity as virtues, and in many ways they are.”(Falikowski, 93) And I should “expand my communication messages because a terse manner of expression is sometimes perceived as unfriendly and cold.”(Falikowski, 93) Fourthly, as a judger, I should “open up to the unexpected because some interruptions may even provide me with information and insights that can be used to reconsider my plans.”(Falikowski, 97) Also, I should “build flexibility into my lifestyle because being psychologically prepared can help to reduce stress and frustration.”(Falikowski, 97) Frustrated people are not usually pleasant to communicate with. After I read Chapter 2 and 3, I learned many methods to interact with different types of people and I know how to build good relationships with others....
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