Two Love Stories

Topics: English-language films, Interpersonal relationship, Nicholas Sparks Pages: 4 (1323 words) Published: December 12, 2010
Two Love stories
Nicole Morris
Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 A.M Classes
April 27 2010
Essay Four

Audience Analysis
My audience for this essay is the young students at Enterprise State Community College, who enjoy a good love story about young love. I hope my essay will tell the key points of the similarities and differences of two major love stories that became movies in the end of the twentieth century, and open their eyes to what makes a love story. That is not just the good times, but the hard problems that come with life. Life is easier having someone to deal with the hard problems beside you. Both these movies tell the difficulties of real love and I hope my essay will attract my audiences hearts.

Thesis: The Notebook and A Walk to remember are both amazing love stories written by Nicholas Sparks that hit the big screen in the end of the twentieth century. These movies have a lot of similarities and differences, such as the relationship between the two couples, the time period they take place, and the age group of the couple. I. The first way that the notebook and a walk to remember are similar and different is by the relationship of the two couples.

A. In the Notebook The young couple had an up and down rough romance that lasted a lifetime, ending in death in each others arms.
B. In A Walk to Remember the young couple had a short relationship that felt like a lifetime but ended early in the death of Jamie.
C. The similarities between the two couples in the movies is that both couples are young and in love, dealing with life issues. II. The second way these movies are similar and differ, is by their society standards of their families and their time period.

A. Both couples in the movies have to deal with an acceptance in each others families due to social standards.
B. The Notebook takes place in the mid sixties during the time of war.
C. A walk to Remember takes place at the end of the eighties beginning of the nineties....
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