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Two Lives

By Joana0401 Apr 13, 2015 534 Words

I am going to talk about this book. “Two lives” is a romantic novel by the writer Helen Naylor. This novel consists of two parts. At the first, tells about a boy and a girl who are both sixteen years old at the moment. And at the second, tells about the same teenagers, but fifty years later. The novel tells a love story between two teenagers, Huw and Megan, who live in Tredonald, a coal mining village, around 1945. Huw is a coal miner that works with his brother in the mines because his father is unemployed and is a drunk and his mother died when he was born. His brother died in the war a few years ago. Megan is a school girl who lives with her parents. Her father wants to her go to college because nobody from Mr Jenkins’s family had ever gone to college, so he doesn’t want his daughter to marry with a coal miner, or even spend her life working in the shop. He thinks that his daughter was too good for that. Huw and Megan had been friends for years, so they spent a lot of time with each other, but their friendships became in love. This relationships was a big secret because Megan’s father wouldn’t accept it. During a few months, they spent as much time as possible together but they made everyone think that they was only friends. One evening, they went to the cinema in another town and when they came back, Huw’s brother had died in the mine. A few days later, Huw and Megan spent their first time alone after Gareth’s dead. That night, Huw asked her if she would marry him and Megan accepted. They spent that night together in the Megan’s house. Later, Huw left the village because if he didn’t go, his father would die. Finally, they went to Canada but he promised to write Megan. Fifty years later, Megan and her daughter Beth still lived in Tredonald. Beth is the daughter of Megan and Huw, but he never knew about her. She never received any letter from Huw, because her father had hidden them. She found all that letter into some boxes of her parents, who died some years ago. Then, Megan decided to write him. Huw who lives in Toronto with his son and his grandchildren received the letter but he didn’t want to answer it. However, Beth, his daughter, decided to write him and told him that she was his daughter. Finally, Huw answered her letter because he wanted to see his daughter. Later, Huw met Megan and they spoke about the past. Huw met his daughter and she said to him that Megan is going to marry. So, Huw told Megan that he still loved her and wanted to marry her. Megan said to Huw that she couldn’t marry him. More later, Huw accepted that Megan and her fiancée as a couple. Then, Megan started making sad herself because she really loved him. Finally, Megan decided to marry with Huw. I recommend this book because the love story between Huw and Megan is very interesting because you don’t know how it end until the end.

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