Two-Layered Bottle Ecosystem

Topics: Ecosystem, Water, Life Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Bottle Biology Project
I made a two-layered bottle ecosystem. In the bottom layer, there is an aquatic ecosystem. In the aquatic ecosystem, there is one organism; a goldfish. In the top layer, there is a land ecosystem. There are many plants and other pudding flowers. This is a good example of two organisms from different ecosystems. There were not as many steps as I thought there would be involved in building the bottle itself. First I emptied out two two liters of pop. I then cut off the tops of both bottles, and threw out one of the bases. In the leftover base, I poured water, aquatic gravel, and a fake plant for the fish. I then put the fish in it’s new happy home. In order to feed him, I cut out a flap leading to the water that I can put fish food in. After that, I began working on the top layer. I placed one of the tops, with the cap still on, about half an inch into the original base. I taped it securely into the base, to ensure that the whole upper layer would not crush the fish. Then I put my plants into the half-built top layer. After that I placed my second bottle top on top of the base, creating another funnel. I taped the top securely on, finishing the bottle. I can screw and unscrew the cap whenever I need to give the plant water. Both the fish and plant do not need much caring for. The plant needs a little bit of water every day, and the fish needs food about twice a day, but that is not nearly what I thought it would take to maintain these organisms. I enjoyed this project; it was very interesting to make two small ecosystems. If I had the chance to do it again with two different organisms I would definitely do it. -----------------------

AJ Keith
Period 3
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