Two Heads Are Better Than One

Topics: Person, Better, John Adams Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: November 18, 2012
The idiom, “two heads are better than one”, is often used when it comes to group work with another person. Many argue that it’s better to work alone than with someone else, but this is not the case. It is more accurate and more efficient to work in a group of two rather than working alone because working with a partner provides a combined knowledge from a variety of sources, allows feedback and constructive criticism from another source, and results in a work that is more accurate than either person’s work. When one works with another person, he/she is able to combine his/her knowledge with the other person so that the two can lead to an effective conclusion favorable to both parties. However, this factor can only be effective if both people have some sort of competency on the subject to be able to contribute to the subject. By having two individuals work together, both people can contribute with their knowledge from different sources and experiences so that the work can be both diverse and successful. For example, when a school project comes up in a class, it is usually done with a partner. The purpose of this is to have two students work together to contribute their intellect and knowledge into the assignment so that the task would be less difficult and better in quality. This is the reason why difficult, long-term assignments are usually given in groups of two so that both students can help each other succeed and complete the project at hand. Another reason why having two individuals collaborate on a task is better than having one person work alone is because of the fact that each person can provide feedback and assistance to each other. The reason being is because a piece of work’s quality is weighed upon the opinion of others. When a person has someone to contribute their opinion on a piece of work, he/she can improve his/her work based on the constructive criticism given. An example of this is the peer-editing bestowed upon students whenever constructing an...
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