Two Fictional Stories

Topics: Fiction, Narrative, Narrator Pages: 3 (1346 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Whitney Gathright
Feb. 6th, 2013
Dr. James Shade
English 1020
Analyses of two fictional stories
Tiger Mending and A & P both are very interesting fictional stories. I will discuss the authors and also analyze them both. The narrators both have significant roles in the stories. I will also discuss the tone, point of views, and imagery taken place in both stories. Both titles of the stories are significant and will be explained in detail of why and how. In the fictional story Tiger Mending by Aimee Bender written in 2004. The author Aimee Bender who was born in the late 1960s attended the University of California and taught elementary in San Diego for 3 years. She currently lives in Los Angeles, LA and teaches creative writing at the University of Southern California. The story Tiger Mending is about two sisters who have lost both their parents to a surgeon. One sister is blessed with skills to greatly concentrate on sewing by staring out of windows and the other sister who is a manager at Burger King, but quits because her sister is being offered a job across the country. The two arrive in Malaysia with the women who hires her and they take them to a place blind folded for privacy. When the girls get there they hear moaning and discover it is tigers and the skilled sister is being asked to sew their strips together. When the narrator finds out what is supposed to be happening she catches a flight back home. The narrator of Tiger Mending is the sister of the main character. The narrator works at Burger King on Fourth and is the manager, but soon quits to go with her sister on a trip to Malaysia. The story takes place first in the U.S. but soon moves to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2004. The tone of the story for both the narrator and her sister is elicited, but also weird in a way because the two sisters fly across the country to sew up some tiger’s strips that has gone missing. They are both excited that they can go out of the country together while her...
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