Two Families (comparison/contrast paper)

Topics: Family, Culture, Sibling Pages: 3 (1172 words) Published: March 10, 2009
I told my boyfriend I love his family more than my own. At first he questioned me why, but as time goes by it appears I obviously get along with his parents much better than with mine. My family and my boyfriend's family are almost opposite of each other. Different cultures, different social background, and different opinions about lives and raising their children, different personalities… all of those create an enormous distance between them.

Any parents would wish their child the best. My parents and my boyfriend's parents are just the same. They love us with all their heart, support us with all they have and pray for us to have a bright future ahead. Both families focus on education, the tool to have a good living and the ability to support our own selves. Our parents support us both financially and morally; thus give us sincere thoughts and advices to help us stand strong in our lives. Nevertheless the two families differ too much in their ways of showing their kids "love."My parents have always been a significant, conservative, Asian couple. My dad was a national elite student chosen to study in Germany with a governmental scholarship, the pride of his clan. My mom was the smartest child in her family, also the only one to graduate from 2 universities. My parents praise education, knowledge and social status which they believe will ensure me a good living and high recognition from others, since from their own lives they experienced being the most educated, the most appreciated from their degrees and successful careers. Old Asian culture always regards the more education you get the higher the social position you have, or at least your position among your friends and relatives would change. For my parents, their definition of "education" does not include personal interests.

I used to have two art classes in elementary school, painting and keyboard. I have been in love with drawing since I was able to grab a pencil, and my keyboard tutor suggested trying...
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