Two characters from The Crucible by Author Miller that should be pardoned

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Death Penalty Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: December 12, 2013
Two characters from The Crucible by Author Miller that should be pardoned are John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse. These two characters from the play were punished for something that they were not responsible for, and have no evidence that they were truly guilty. Since in their time, people had no good knowledge of science of the way things happened, they had to blame something. What they believe was the cause of all of this is Witch craft. Believing that John and Rebecca were in all this madness. John Proctor was accused that he is a witch by Marry Warren; she explains that he is of the devils man and that he signs the devils book. Marry said to the judge, Sir Danforth that she knows that John is a man of the devil. “Don’t touch me! You’re the devils man!”( ) Mary goes against John by telling the court that he is a witch and was forcing her to tell the court that the girls were lying. Since the incident the girls of the woods, they have the power to say what they want, making the people and the court believe that she is right and Proctor is wrong. Then she goes on saying that she is awakened by John at night and signs this “book” with his finger on her neck.”You are combined with anit-crist? I’ve seen your power you will not deny it.” ( ) Sr.Danforth claims that John does some working with anit-crist (Satan). Proctor then explains that he hears the steps of Lucifer and sees his face and Danforth’s. By him telling this to Danforth, he is outraged, Proctor simply laughing at his remark. Proctor knowing that he is saying a lie and that all of it is a lie. According to the article “Any man or woman [to] bee a witch, that is, hath or consulted with a familiar spirit, they shall bee put to death.” (Paragraph 3, lines 24-25) Unfortunaly, because of Marry to avoid her own death, she accuses John. She uses fraud to help her escape death. But unlucky john gets put the blame costing his life. Having no involvement with the devil, his life ends there. As stated in the...
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