Two Best Friends

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Two best friends “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understand where you have been, accepts what have become, and still, gently allows you to grow”- William Shakespeare. This quote reminds me of my two best friends Sendra and Susan. As a person, I hardly mix with people, maybe because I am very picky. However, when I first met them, something compelled me towards them. Even today I don’t know that reason but I’m happy I choose them as my friends. Even though they are my best friends, they are two different personalities. My two best friends have differences in their physical attribute, interests, and career choice.
They both have two different attractive physical looks. First of all, Sandra is shoulder high, curvy, fair in complexion, pretty looking with long black hair. Also, she has round shaped face with angled eyebrows, thin lips, black eyes with long curved eyelashes, short nose, and white teeth as snow. As well, a beauty mark on her right cheek makes her more attractive. On the contrary, Susan is tall and wiry, a little darker in complexions, than and as stunning as Sandra. Besides, she has short brown wavy hair, oval shaped face, with thin and thin eyebrows as Sandra, and hazel eyes, long pointed nose. The funniest contrast between them is Susan has beauty spot on her left cheek.
Secondly, my two best friends have differences in their interests. Sandra is very close to nature. She loves to grow garden in her backyard every year. She has wide collection of cactus plants in her house. She also likes indoor activities and indoor games, such as, knitting, painting, snack and ladder, chess etc. Moreover, she likes to listen soft music and she likes to watch romantic movies. In contrast, Susan is far away from nature. She doesn’t like even one plant in her house. Also, she is more like outdoor kind of person. She loves adventure. So, it’s not shocking that she like outdoor games such as, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing etc. Another contrast between

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