Two best friend

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Oksana Nakonechna
Contrast or comparison paragraph
Two close friends
Natalia and Olga are my best friends. They are different people. They differ in everything from their appearance, personality and dream. The first difference between Natalia and Olga is their appearance. The first difference between Natalia and Olga is their appearance. Natalia is not very tall girl with healthy body. She has a dark complexion. Special, she usually cut short hair so she same as a man. Unlike Natalia, Olga like slender and weak with tiny body. She has white skin, long black hair and sad eyes which always attract everybody. The second difference is personality. Obviously, Natalia is a good- humored and sociable person. For instance, when I talk to Natalia, she always tells funny stories to make me smile. She always helps everyone around him who faced to difficulties. Natalia loves all a kinds of sport. She always takes part in activities in the University and she is an excellent athlete. In contrast, Olga is very quiet. She can cry when seeing a moving film. Olga likes reading book and cooking the meal. She can spend a lot of time to read whatever she like. The most obvious comparison between Natalia and Olga is dream. With the strong character, Natalia will become a good engineer in the future. She tries her best to learn well and her dream became a truth. Conversely, Olga loves teaching work and patience character. She will become a teacher after graduating in University of Ternopil. In conclusion, Natalia and Olga have different in appearance, personality and dream. But I hope that we will keep beautiful friendship forever, although we do not live together.
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