Two argument paragraphs for against globalization.

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Name: Huynh Thi Kim Tuyen

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During recent decades, globalization is one of the noticeable problems in the world. Globalization brings many advantages as well as disadvantages with many respects such as the social, economic, cultural, political, technological, healthy, educational and so on. There are many good things which globalization brings. First of all, globalization enhances free international trades among countries across the world. Globalization reduces cultural blockages and differences among nations, by mutual agreement. Most of the countries have resorted to trade relations with each other in order to step up their economy. Nations now try to raise capital and fortify their stand in international trade, rather than hosting a war. Thus, globalization has induced international peace and security in a big way. Moreover, in some countries, because of free trade, consumers can buy goods and services, comparatively at a lower cost. In addition, globalization has promoted international connectivity. With the use of the Internet, the world has definitely become a smaller place, help connect us with friends and others who work, study, and live around us. Besides, One of the most advantageous factors of globalization is that it fosters the generation of employment. By providing employment, globalization helps in increasing the standard of living of the people, reduces poverty. Next, with the advent of globalization, there has been an immense increase in the transportation of goods and services worldwide. Then, globalization has promoted tourism to great heights. International trade among different countries also helps in increasing the number of tourists that visit different places around the world. Last, education is more and more develop, many students can study by many new modern teaching methods in school.

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