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Privacy Issues and Monetizing Twitter
The first strength that Twitter has is its large amount of users. Twitter has hundreds of millions of users and the number continues to go. This is a quality strength because it give Twitter a large audience to send information to. It is a powerful thing to have such a large base of people all under one system. Twitter can utilize large group of people in multiple ways. The size also makes Twitter appealing to other outlets and companies. The amount of things possible with such a large audience is endless. Twitter has just begun using the information for promoting messages and having sponsored tweets that companies pay for. Without users, Twitter has no power. That is why the consumers are such a critical strength for twitter. The users create the publicity and product knowledge of twitter. There are not many advertisements for twitter. The company relies on buzz marketing and other outlets to promote the company from the other side. The second strength of Twitter is the connection between different companies and Twitter users. Both customers and companies use the website to connect with other people and companies. This gives companies on twitter the ability to connect with the customer directly. The connection benefits both the business and the consumer. Customers can give feedback and complaints directly to the business via tweets on twitter. This leads to companies creating better products and better services. For example, Dell has utilized twitter completely to connect with the customer. Dell has even sold products through the twitter site. Dell tweets with the customers to show love and it gets customers pumped to be in connection with twitter. The site also gives businesses the ability to see what other companies are doing within a certain industry. The direct business to business connection can create partnerships and business ventures that may not have been possible without the twitter website. This is a critical strength because of the quality it gives users and companies. The third strength is the amount of data that twitter can pull from the consumers. There are multiple ways that Twitter can data mine information off of the site. Cookies, clicked links, and user posts are just a few ways that Twitter can create information about users. The information is extremely valuable and can be used for multiple purposes. Twitter can make a lot of money off the information that is collected to the interactions on twitter. It can be used to study human behavior and use the research for a quality reason. Twitter can sell the data to third parties and make a lot of money throughout the sales. If twitter can successfully sell the information, it can be a good thing for the future of research as well as marketing and promotional activites. The final strength is its allure to advertising companies. The sponsored tweets that twitter offers advertisers are very powerful. The message reaches a large customer base and gives advertisers multiple different ways to connect. These sponsored tweets can be sent out to customers even if the customer has not connection or is not following the company. Such companies like Taco Bell use the sponsored tweets for promotional items and daily deals. This is one of the biggest ways that twitter makes money. The advertisement s show great value. Weaknesses

The first weakness is the amount of hackers that can get ahold of information on Twitter. The company has combatted this issue, and has dealt with creating a secure format to lower the chances of hackers. Yet, nothing is safe if it is on the internet. Hackers are dangerous to both twitter and the users. If twitter does not maintain secure systems, the company cannot run a successful site. Even Sony PS3 was hacked and the company has credit card data stored on the system. Twitter has gone a good amount of time without a hacker problem, but if the company gets hit again they can surely lose a lot...
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