Twitter as a News Source

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Twitter has become a huge phenomenon in most people’s everyday lives. It has evolved and branched off from Facebook. In a way it is a lot like Facebook, by being able to create statuses and post pictures, but Twitter is also very different. Some may even say Twitter is much easier to navigate so easy that it is now people’s “go-to” website when in need of information. But is Twitter taking the place of news, gossip and sports websites? Has it become too much of a convenience that people just check to find fast information on their timeline or quickly search a hashtag phrase instead of going to other informative websites? Twitter has slowly grown into a huge trend recently. It has taken over news, sports, and celebrity gossip websites. When there is a trending topic on Twitter it reaches millions of users timelines in minutes, which makes it so much easier to find out certain information instead of going out of your way to search for it. People have forgotten what it is like to pick up a newspaper or a magazine. It is easier to just scroll down your smart phone looking for something that interests you, clicking on the tweet and reading the article from your phone. Twitter has become too important to our society and how people react to situations that are going on in the world.

Twitter is a social networking website or mobile application used to connect to your interests, share information and find out what is happening in the world at any given moment. Twitter’s mission statement as of January 2011 is, “To instantly connect people everywhere to what’s most important to them.” Anyone can read, write and share their thoughts of up to 140 characters on Twitter. Once these thoughts are shared they are then referred to as a tweet. Your tweets are available to be read by anyone who would be interested in reading them. Each Twitter account has its own personal timeline. Your timeline is filled with tweets from the various people or accounts that you follow. Twitter consists of “following” and “followers.” When you follow someone on Twitter it means that his or her tweets will appear on your timeline for you to read. Your followers are the people that “follow” you, so your tweets will appear on your “follower’s” timeline for them to read. Anyone can have a Twitter account, and almost everyone does. Friends, family, celebrities, athletes, corporations, almost everyone and anything you can think of has their own personal or business related Twitter account. Once you send a Tweet there are a couple of things your followers can do with it, besides just reading it and enjoying it. If your followers like your tweet that much they can either “favorite” or “retweet” that specific tweet. Each account has a list of their “favorite” tweets. Clicking the star underneath a tweet, turning it gold, indicates that you would like to “favorite” the tweet and it will be added to your list of “favorites.” Your “followers” and anyone else who has a twitter account, as long as your account is not on private, can view your “favorites” list. You can also “retweet” another person’s tweet, which means you are basically sharing that tweet with the rest of your “followers.” “Retweeting” a tweet means that their personal tweet will show up on your timeline of tweets. Your “followers” will see this persons tweet, even if they do not “follow” that person. When you want to tweet at your friend, or celebrity or any account for that matter you must type the at @ sign before the name, this will send a “mention” to that persons twitter account. A “mention” notifies the other person that you tweeted at them. For example, if you were trying to “mention” Mila Kunis you would type @MilaKunis. Typing this will automatically link that text to her twitter account. Another important aspect of twitter is the infamous “hashtag.” A “hashtag” is often defined as an embedded message within the post or tweet that comes after the pound #...

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