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Using Twitter to Effectively Make a Brand Reach Out to the Millenials Twitter is an online free micro blogging and social networking site founded by Biz Stone and jack Dorsey in 2006. It enables those using it to read and send tweets, which are 140-character short bursts of information. Users can also include in the tweets links having other content and broadcast them either publicly or privately. Companies and many business firms are nowadays using it as a way of engagement with customers. It offers a free platform to advertise and connection with customers. In order for the brand to be successfully broadcast, the business firms or companies have to understand the use of twitter so as to build a participatory and listening strategy that will allow a strong connection. Topics

Twitter and Millennials
Success Rate of Twitter Ads
Twitter Success Story on Pact Coffee
Marketing Strategies to use in Twitter

Twitter and Millennials
All ages are represented in twitter but the Millennials are the majority. Pew Research Centre study did a research which noted that Millennials make up more than half of twitter users. The research also noted that the presence of Millennials on social networking sites averages to more than half of total social networking sites users.

(Centre, 2010)

8% of adults use twitter. Among the Millennials, twitter usage showed insignificant usage in terms of age, race or gender and ethnicity differences (Centre, 2010).

Millennials who are college graduates are likely to tweet more often; 9% of twitter millennnials are those who have not attended college compared to 17% who are college graduates (Centre, 2010).

Marketing Strategies to use in Twitter
In order to publicize an event, promoted tweets or trends are used. Promoted trends give advertisers a pole position because most users more often return to homepage just to have a look what is trending. According to Adam Bain who is the president of twitter’s Global Revenue, promoted tweets and Trends yields customer engagement rates of 3-10% (Wasserman, 2011).

Success Rate of Twitter Ads
Clicking through the rates of assessment of website by entering into Bitly website, one can be able to track how many people have clicked on it. It has been noted that 47% of twitter followers following a brand are more often likely to go through the brand’s website (Biz, 2007). The more one post leads and drive into that website, the more the twitter users click through through those links. A paid twitter Ad will measure the number of clicks the website is receiving within that Ads campaign dashboard. Twitter makes it possible for one to track conversations in the platform for the twitter Ads thus allowing one to hook his/her twitter campaigns with the website. Tracking behavior of users and engaging or viewing the Ads in the website. Monitoring campaign hash tags gives a holistic view of campaign success. The impact and success of the campaign is also achieved through charting of progress against already past performances. Twitter Advertising Tools

With this one can create a Followers Campaign. This campaign is able to display a promoted account to mobile and desktop users i several strategic places. These strategic areas include “Who to follow” and at the timeline upon clicking Home. This helps to reach as gain many followers as much as possible. Nowadays twitter Ads enable one to promote his/her tweets directly through their profile. The quick promote is easy and fast way used by SMBs to market in the best way to more potential customers. With this following steps are used: 1. A tweet to be promoted is selected from the best performing ones using the home account dashboard. 2. A budget is choosen from the estimates of engagements received. 3. You should in real time watch how people engage on your tweet (Benson, 2015) Twitter Success Story on Pact Coffee

Pact coffee is an online retailer trying to gain customers and build an online community...

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