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“What are you doing?

”What are you doing?” – is one of the usual questions on Twitter. Twitter is simply one of the popular online-places where people can socialize. But what is it that has made this online-place so popular? Why don’t just socialize via phone or e-mail?

Twitter was created on the side of the company ODEO. The website was supposed to be a secondary company compared to ODEO, but after some time Twitter started to grow and the possibilities within too. Evan Williams – the founder of Twitter and former CEO of Twitter – also says that Twitter take all of his time.

Twitter is also very simple – you just tell what you are doing with maximum 140 characters and post it so not just one person, but a lot of people can see it. People are showing every little moment of their lives with everyone who is using Twitter.
SMS is very popular in these days and almost each and every person uses it, because it allows you to be in contact with your friends and family all the time. But the SMS is “threatened” because websites as Twitter and Facebook are starting to substitute the SMS’ abilities, because you can get access to these websites both on your mobile phone and your computer as long as these units have Internet connection.

The messages you post on Twitter are unique. People can share every little moment of their life – both the good and bad moments. And many people is interested to take share in both your happiness and sadness. Twitter allows you to share every experience you experience in your life with other people online - all kinds of people with different norms and values and this can be very useful, because you can get other views on your stories, which you might not have considered.

Twitter is also exceptional because of the small and irrelevant updates that are sent through it. Meaning that people post small stories from their weekdays like “I just ate a sandwich”. This is different compared to an e-mail, because you do not send an

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