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What are you up to?
- Twitter, of course

Twitter is a great social medium. There are more people than you could imagine, tweeting at this very moment. It is a phenomenon which by the looks of i will remain popular for decades. In the following article, I will emphasize some of the advantages and disadvantages of using it for business, political and social purposes.

The “hunch”
Back to where it all started, a CEO of a company called ODEO, hired an engineer named Jack. His name was Evan Williams, and he presented the idea of people being able to send simple status updates to friends or whoever might find you interesting.
He had found his main project, and in 2006 twitter was live. Evan felt that the potential of Twitter was there, so he decided to pursue his hunch.
The concept of Twitter is very simple. You fill out a status update containing 140 characters or less about what you are up to. In less than a second after, the update is readable for everyone who is ‘following’ you. The core of Twitter is to allow people to share moments of theyS lives, no matter the time and place. The purpose is similar to Facebook’s, to let people feel connected and closer to each other.
The users
Users all around the globe helped building Twitter towards what it is today. As an example, the users started making references using “tags”. So if, hypothetically, I made an update about me hanging out with my teacher Jonas Rasmussen at the school, it would look like this “Oliver is chilling with his teacher @JonasRasmussen at @HHXHillerød”. The tags were invented by the users, twitter just made it a part of the site and easier to use. This shows that feedback from the community is something that twitter considers, and lets users help shape the medium.

Using Twitter for business purposes
There isK a lot of companies that usesK twitter to keep track of what people tend to think or say about them. Whenever a user tags the company or place, a scanning tool allows them to

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