Twisted/ 13reasons Why

Topics: First-person narrative, Laurie Halse Anderson, Novel Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: April 17, 2013
May 18 2012
Revised May 23, 2012
In this piece we read two books about coming of age. I read Twisted and Thirteen Reasons Why. After we finished the books we were to write a compare and contrast essay on the two novels. The two literary elements I chose to compare and contrast were the imagery that the authors gave and the points of view.

(Not quite) Thirteen (not really) Twisted Paragraphs why you should Read These Books

In a world of sappy vampire novels there may be hope for decent literature after all. Each of these gritty down to earth coming of age novels tell a story of two very prominent issues in the world today. In Twisted, Tyler, a nerdy juvenile delinquent changes his physique after a summer of hard labor. But some serious problems arise that don’t just affect him. But they affect everyone around him, and all not necessarily in a bad way. Then in Thirteen Reasons Why, an emotional tale of suicide and very sadistic suicide note. That involves thirteen tapes each for thirteen different reasons why Hannah kills herself. In these books you will explore the vivid imagery of authors Jay Asher and Laurie Halse Anderson. Also, we will dive into the creative and maybe not so creative points of view of the authors. In the book Twisted there defiantly is a twisted image. Throughout the book Anderson provides extensive details the make the book feel real. But what is imagery? Imagery is when you’re reading the book and in your mind you can hear the music from the party pounding in your ears and you she more details than a movie. Because of Anderson’s attention to detail readers will feel like they’re the character. The excellent imagery really pulls the book ahead. Also you get an almost comical image of a six foot six muscle bound nerd who sits at his computer all day playing video games. In this excellent novel the imagery really pulls the book forward and pulls it even ahead of Thirteen Reasons Why. It even manages with its lacking point of view...
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