Twin Towers

Topics: Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, September 11 attacks Pages: 4 (1384 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Maggie Davenpod
Prof. Juan Liberato
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30 October 2012
Synthesis Paper
When waking up in the morning we never know what the outcome of our day will look like, weather it’s the same routine of a daily basis. Never in a million years would we think that our workplace will become a place in where history would changed. We know that September 11, 2001 became a day that changed both this nation and the people. The real question here is, Did the fall of the Twin Towers mark the moment of terrorism in America; or have previous events been the calling to attack America? Over the years there have been significant terrorism attacks. By looking at pervious attacks it shows us how the changes in terrorism are carried out and shows the changes in how countries counter terrorist attacks. If we want to know that the Twin Towers where indeed the start of terrorism for America we should look at the history of terrorism, the methodology and the absence of unity America shows toward each other.

Looking and studying about the history of terrorism towards the United States, we see that the first attack towards the Twin Towers was the bombing in 1993 that was placed in a truck in the garaged of the building. Reading the book 102 Minutes, we see the perspective of the people who were trapped in the towers, but it also gives us the information about the 1993 bombing. This book states, “The 1993 bombing marked it as an icon and target.” ( Dwyer and Flynn 21). Reading this we can see that the September 11 attack on the Twin Towers was not the first attempt ever made. In my opinion the bombing of 1993 was a warning to the United States saying, “Look what we are capable of doing to your country.” Their plan was to kill around two hundred fifty-thousand people with one bomb. Unfortunately the bomb killed six people but injuring thousands. This mishap did not stop terrorism against America; one the other hand it was opening a door for them. “ From most perspectives,...

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