Twilight vs. Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Bella Swan, Stephenie Meyer, Twilight Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Twilight vs. Romeo and Juliet

Deemed the new modern day Romeo and Juliet, Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight reintroduces the idea of “forbidden love”. However, Meyer’s Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are not simply rewritten versions of Romeo and Juliet. Instead, when comparing these two stories together, the reader can recognize more than the “forbidden love” that occurs between two opposing sides in both books, but they can also use the comparison to understand each character as individuals more thoroughly. Perhaps the most obvious signal that the two texts are related can be found in the beginning of Twilight when Meyers inserts a quote from Romeo and Juliet. To begin with, each story has similar romance scenarios: Shakespeare presents two teenagers falling in love while being forbidden to have anything to do with each other because of their families feuding. Meyers has two teenagers fall in love, although their problems with their relationship result not because of family feuds, but because of race in a very nontraditional way. Juliet is a Capulet while Romeo is a Montague; Bella is a human while Edward is a vampire. The relationships end in their own separate ways: Romeo and Juliet die, Edward and Bella continue on with their lives although their relationship, and possibly their lives, are at stake and in question. Despite the similarities of the circumstances of the relationships and the difference in their endings, the readers of these two works will benefit most from comparing the main characters of each. Through these comparisons, the readers can better understand each relationship and their importance beyond the text they are created for. Romeo is presented in Shakespeare’s play as someone who is emotionally weak and shallow. This flaw is pointed out in his relationship with Juliet which occurs quickly and never really develops any further into anything but them being completely obsessed with each other. He also appears very immature in comparison with his...
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