Twilight Samurai

Topics: Family, The Twilight Samurai, Narrative Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: November 15, 2011
It would be impossible to disagree that Japanese kinship is based on male predominance. Of course, where their power initially comes from though, is through the family. An important idea in the film The Twilight Samurai is the decline of male predominance to his clan but a man loyalty to his family. Seibei Iguchi, the protagonist character, depicts the complicate relations between a man with his clan’s, his daughters, his aging mother and his undying love for a childhood sweetheart. He is a samurai who belongs in a traditional society struggles to counter himself in that transitional period. Nevertheless, he is the one envision the coming of a new age and that Japanese kinship is based on both male and female predominance. The director Yôji Yamada has used variety of techniques in the film to highlight its importance, such as dialogue, costume and sound. The story is narrated from the point of view of Seibei Iguchi, Ito, who is five years old in the film, but provides narration as a grown woman. It is through Ito narration portrays Tomoe a gentle but yet strong character. Currently the position of women in Japanese society can be attributed to the vestiges of two old philosophies that of Confucianism and the Samurai. (Friedman). Breaking away from traditional Japanese women, Tomoe whose is a divorce woman coming in the family in a strange way, producing the idea of family. It is disrupting the family order of a second marriage and a step mother to Seibei daughters. g The use of costume in the film depicts a rational identity. It is through the masculine and feminine of the costumes that predominance their role. In the last battle Seibei wears a traditional samurai fighting outfit. This shows that Seibei has adopted the Samurai’s ways of life and it possible willing to die on his honor. It proves that even though Seibei is a samurai he is loyal to the clan in time of need. Loyalty is also shown to be import through the use of costume. When Tomoe made...
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