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wilight: Breaking Dawn
Sarah Lewis
Many people know about the Twilight sage Breaking Dawn. Many have seen the movie and loved it. Others have only read the book. Even though this movie was definitely my favorite out of all four, it still doesn't even come close to the book.

One of the reasons I liked the book over the movie would be that when you read the book, its easy for you to feel how the characters felt. It's a lot more detailed in their emotions, rather than in the movie you only feel how you think they would. The book makes you almost feel like you are apart of it and that you know exactly what they're going through.

Another reason would be that in the book there are many things that were left out or changed in the movie. In the beginning of the book, it tells the part where Bella and Edward tell Charley about their engagement. It tells about how Edward gave Bella a new car for their engagement present, and about all the strange looks everyone in Forks have been giving her for getting married so young. It also has the wedding take place in a different setting. In the movie they have it outside under the huge oak tree, but in the book it takes place in the Cullen's house.

In conclusion, I think that the books are much better than the movies. I would recommend that people who have only seen the movies should read the books. I think people who even don't like the movies would like the books.
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