Twilight Movie Script

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Twilight typed

(How I would die by Carter Burwell)
I never thought about how I would die, but dyeing in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go. So I can’t bring myself to regret the decision to leave home. I would miss Phoenix id miss the heat; I would miss my loving erratic hair brain mother and her new husband. (Edward eats deer)

“Come on you guys I love you both but we have a plane to catch” Phil said. But they want to go on the road so I’m going to spend some time with my dad and this will be a good thing. . . I think. In the state of Washington under a near constant cover of clouds and rain there is a small town named forks, population three thousand one hundred and twenty people. This is where I’m moving. My dad is Charlie; he’s the chief of police. (The Black Ghosts - Full Moon plays)

“Your hair is longer” Charlie said.
“Cut it science last time I saw you” Bella said
“Oh guess it grew out again” Charlie said.
(Pull up at house)
I used to spend two weeks here almost every summer but it’s been years. “Cleared some shelves out in the bathroom” Charlie said. “Oh right one bathroom” Bella said.
(In room)
“Its pretty good work lamp, sales lady picked out the bed stuff, you like purple right?” Charlie asked “Purples cool” Bella said.
“Okay” Charlie said
(Walks out of room)
One of the best things about Charlie is he doesn’t hover.
(Honk honk, Bella looks out window)
“Bella you remember Billy Black?” Charlie asked
“Yeah, hay your looking good.” Bella said.
“Yeah, I’m still dancing, I’m glade your finally here, Charlie here hasn’t shut up about it since he told me you were coming” Billy said. (Charlie rolls eyes, Jacob smiles)
“Alright keep extorting, ill roll you into the mud” Charlie said (Bella laughs)
“Not if I ram you in the ankles” Billy said.
“Yeah bring it” Charlie said.
“Hi I’m Jacob” Jacob said
“Yeah” Bella said
“We used to make mud pies” Jacob said
“No, I remember Are they always like this?” Bella asked
(Jacob laughs)
“Its getting worse with old age” Jacob said.
“So what do you think?” Charlie asked
“Of what?” Bella asked
“Your home Cumming present” Charlie said
“This?” Bella asked
“Just bought it off of Billy here” Charlie said
“Yep” Billy said.
“I totally rebuilt the engine” Jacob said
“Oh come on, oh my gosh, this is perfect are you got to be joking” Bella asked (Hits Jacob with door)
“I told you she would love it, I’m down with the kids” Billy said “Oh yeah dude, you’re the bomb” Charlie said
“Okay you got to double pump the clutch with the shift, but besides that you should be good” Jacob said “This one?” Bella asked
“Yeah that one right there” Jacob said
“All right” Bella said
(Starts car)
“Want a ride to school or something?” Bella asked
“Oh I go to school on the reservation” Jacob said
“Oh right, that’s to bad it would have been nice to at least know one person” Bella said (Pulls into school)
My first day at a new school its march in the middle of the semester, great. “Nice ride” Tyler said.
“Thanks” Bella said
(Looking at paper)
“Your Isabella Swan, the new girl, hi I’m Eric the eyes and ears of this place anything you need, tour guide, lunch date, a shoulder to cry on” Eric said “I’m kind of the more introit silent type” Bella said

“Good headline for the feature, I’m on the paper and your news baby front page” Eric said “No I’m not, please don’t have any sort of . . .” Bella said “Wow, chillax, no feature, Cool?” Eric asked
(In gym playing volleyball, Bella hits mike in the head with Volleyball) “Wow” Mike said
“Sorry I told them not to let me play” Bella said
“No, its, your Isabella right?” Mike asked
“Bella’ Bella said
“Yeah, hay I’m Mike Newton, yeah” Mike said
(Shakes Bella’s hand, Jessica comes in)
“She’s got a great spike huh? I’m Jessica by the way, hay your from Arizona right?” Jessica asked “Yeah” Bella said
“Aren’t people from Arizona supposed to be like really tan?” Jessica asked “Yeah maybe that’s why they kicked me...
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