Twilight Essay

Topics: Vampire, Stephenie Meyer, Dracula Pages: 5 (1954 words) Published: December 14, 2010
The Myth of the Vampire in Twilight

The myth of the vampire existed in a multitude of civilizations and cultures under various names such is strigoi (for the Romanian territory), Apotamkin, etc. But no matter the name, vampires will always refer to gothic creatures that drain the blood of humans, thus being monstrous. The first writer to introduce the vampire in literature was Lord Byron in the eighteenth century, but the most significant writer to develop the myth was Bram Stoker. He is the „father” of the vampire as he gave a complete description of the vampire in his most famous book” Dracula”. After the release of the book, the myth of the vampire became extremely popular amongst writers and as a consequence the books whose main characters were vampires sky-rocketed. Amongst the most famous contemporary writers which developed and modified the myth of the vampire is Stephenie Meyer with her famous „Twilight”. In her book we find a multitude of deviations from the myth but still she keeps many things as they are with the main purpose of enhancing the vampire’s romantic features. For instance, when Bella takes on the task of finding out the reason why Edward isn’t allowed to come to the La Push beach, she finds a book which describes what Edward is. When searching the camera focuses on all the key words that point to the unnatural and supernatural abilities which Edward has: „the cold one”, one who drinks” the immortal drink” , „undead”, „immortal” and so on. When Bella confronts him she says that he is „impossibly fast and strong” that is another stereotype kept by Stephenie Meyer most definitely to put emphasis on the fact that Edward is a character that fits the pattern of romantic characters, and like all romantic characters he need features that make his special, that separate him from the crowd. Probably the greatest change that the myth of the vampire went through was the fact that it is no longer associated with the figure of „ walking cadavers” as popularised in the folklore, nor with the rich and aristocratic being as it appears in Bram Stoker’s „Dracula”. Stephenie Meyer introduces a whole new perspective on the vampire and this is reflected in the movie as well. The director of the Twilight movie makes sure that Edward keeps his „angelic” aura which the author wanted to underline and he does so in the scene of the biology class, scene in which Bella was placed by their professor next to Edward. As she is walking towards him the camera focuses on him sitting in front of an owl which has the wings wide spread. This scene is interesting from a visual point of view because of the positioning of the owl which gives the impression that Edward is actually winged, thus resembling an angel rather than a „monster”.

But Stephenie Meyer isn’t so quick in erasing all the notorious mythological traits of the vampire. She introduces a few well known characteristics of the vampire unaltered. For instance vampires are „pale white and ice cold”, which is in fact the first clue Bella is given , clue which leads her to the truth of Edwards existence, to the fact that he is a vampire. All these elements give us the image of a lifeless body, as the blood no longer circulates robbing the skin of its colour and of its warmth. Another element that circulates in the Twilight book/movie is the fact that vampires drink blood. What kind of blood is the real question. Edward and all the Cullen’s call themselves „vegetarians” as they only feast on the blood of animals not humans. Stephenie Meyer uses this particularity making it a clue that shows us the kind of vampire one is. From the beginning of the movie Bella notices that Edwards’s eyes change colour. The first time she sees him his eyes were black, but after he returns form his „trip” the colour of his eyes turned golden-brown. So, the colour of their eyes are an indicative to how hungry they are for blood and how strong they are to resist the call of blood( the first time...
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