Twilight and Hunger Games

Topics: Young-adult fiction, Bella Swan, Twilight Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: October 24, 2013
 Twilight and the Hunger Games
By N. Sood
Have you ever heard of the Twilight series or the Hunger Game trilogy? If you haven’t, you probably live under a rock! The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer and the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins are some of the hottest reads for teens right now. The Twilight series has had three movies come out so far with another one coming up on November 18th and Hunger Games is coming out on the 23rd of March next year. Arising between fans of either of the series is having an immense debate about Hunger Games being too similar to Twilight. The fans of both books are usually loyal to one series or the other but few are fans of both. I, being a fan of both, can personally tell you that both these book are not the same. There are very vast similarities and immense differences.

Foremost the biggest difference is the theme of the both of these stories. In Twilight, the story has vampires and werewolves; meanwhile, in the Hunger Games the story takes place in the futuristic North America, called Panem. In the Twilight books, it is an ever-changing complex love triangle between two sworn enemies, a vampire and a werewolf, for one girl; meanwhile both Edward (the vampire) and Jacob (werewolf) team up to protect Bella, one of the dynamic characters, from the all the danger she puts herself in . In the Hunger Games, the story takes you through the Games which are held every year making one girl and one boy, between the ages twelve and eighteen, from each district go to the Capitol and fight until only one tribute is left alive. While there is also a love triangle, it is not the same scenarios. Katniss, the hunter from the poorer part of District 12 is in the love triangle with, long time friend and hunting partner, Gale and the boy with the bread, Peeta.

Another big difference between these two stories is the protagonists, sure they are both girls in these series but there act extremely different. In the Twilight...
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