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Book Report of Twilight
“Breaking Dawn”

Bella & Edward

The Author
Stephanie Meyer was born in the 24th of December, 1973. She was nominated for the best author 2009 by “USA Today” and she’s also won a price for most selling books (29 million copies). She wrote three another books in the Twilight story so this is the last book. Two of them have also been filmed and the third movie is coming to the theaters in approx half a year.

Summary of the Story
Bella gets pregnant and everyone thinks she’s going to die, the creature in her is half human half vampire. When she gives birth to the baby Edward need to transform her into a vampire, so she can survive. Bella have waited for that ever since she fell in love with Edward, so she’s very happy. The book’s about her life as a vampire and their baby Renesmee.

The story takes place in the 20th century and the surrounding environment is the town Forks, the rainiest place in America. The surrounding is not described so well, I think it’s easier for me to imagine it because I know the environment from the movies. She’s more focused on describing feelings and persons. I think it’s also because she’s described the same environment 3 times before, so she maybe assumes that people know. I actually couldn’t find an example which is obvious for the environment.

The main characters are Bella and Edward. Bella is a human and Edward is a vampire. They’ve fall in love and are now getting married. Bella is a very kind person, who moved to forks to live with her dad. At her new school she meets Edward, who isn’t like the other boys, he’s pure perfection. His skin is pale white, and ice cold, he’s impossible fast and strong. After a while Bella discovers what he is, a vampire. Their love shouldn’t exist, it’s impossible, it’s against the nature. But somehow Bella and Edward were brought together. Edward was born 200 years ago, so there are major differences between them. Edward has learned every...
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