Twenty first century women

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Twenty First Century Women

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How do you picture what a twenty first century woman is supposed to be like? Women have long moved on from being a stay at home mom as the norm in almost every household to now having full time jobs and being full time mothers. Today twenty first century women are still facing obstacles of which they have to face but they are making steps everyday in having full equality in every aspect of life. Twenty first century women are portrayed in the media, making strides in the workplace, and showing leadership in politics.

The portrayal of woman today in the media has changed drastically. Even in TV shows now the twenty first century woman is being portrayed as a working mom who is struggling to raise her family all at the same time. For example if you were comparing Kristina Braverman from the show Parenthood to Carol Brady from the Brady Bunch. The modern Kristina Braverman is raising a child with Aspergers, a new baby, a sending her oldest off to college. All at the same time she is trying to start a career for herself in politics. If you compare her to Carol from the Brady Bunch their lives have the same amount of chaos but they are portrayed differently. Carol was raising six kids however instead of having a job at the same time she was a stay at home mom with her housekeeper Alice. At the same time the show was created both in real life and on TV the majority of women were stay at home moms. So the way the media shows women has changed drastically from the years that the Brady Bunch was on TV till now when shows like Parenthood are on.

Twenty first century women have become very prominent in the workplace. The majority of women in the twenty first century today are full time workers and in some cases putting their careers ahead of starting a family. While not all women chose their career over starting families there are a lot of women who have. But in the workplace twenty first...
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