Tween Sexualization

Topics: Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Disney Channel Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: September 27, 2010
There is so much social pressure on girls to look sexy, whether they are sexually active or not, for many reasons. The first reason that comes to mind is Hollywood, the media, and entertainment. Britney Spears first video when she was like 16 was her in a sexy Catholic school girl uniform, singing, “Hit me baby one more time.” Miley Cyrus, the new Britney Spears, has done racy photo shoots that suggests nudity, and recently come out with new provocative songs, which she accompanies with provocative attire. Now these two celebrities didn’t start out being sexy. They both reeled in their fan base on shows like the Mickey Mouse Club and Hannah Montana. So they already had a following of young girls “Tweens”, which mimicked their every dance move and apparel, when they transitioned into more mature lyrics and outfits. But both Britney and Miley didn’t make these transitions at 18. NO! They started making them at 14,15 and 16 because unfortunately sex sells in Hollywood. I also think there is an unconscious parental influence to blame too which is tied back to Hollywood too. I think that when a girl sees her mom wanting to look younger and sexier, by getting boob jobs, botox, and other plastic surgery it makes her feel self conscious. The message that is being relayed is that they cant feel good in their own skin. The mom is also being influenced by the media as well in those cases. There is always some procedure to look younger and skinnier and adults are super susceptible to that. No one wants to look “old”, especially if they are single.

There are many consequences for the sexualization of “Tweens.” It is hard for me to pinpoint a positive. First off this generation is growing up way to fast. I don’t think people instill self confidence and self-esteem. Tweens that are trying to look sexy even when they aren’t sexually active are looking for attention to fulfill a desire to be wanted and liked or to fit in. A long with this comes unwanted attention too. There...
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