Twe Do You Agree with the View That Charles I Brought About His Own Downfall?

Topics: James I of England, Charles I of England, Elizabeth I of England Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: June 22, 2013
The English civil war broke out on 22nd August 1642, it caused many deaths and divided some families. There were many reasons for this, including religious arguments, financial arguments, parlimentary arguments, the actions of Charles himself, and maybe the fact that there were problems before Charles was king. All the causes were linked together, (Parliamentarian and Royalist) some of the events of 1642 and the demands made by parliaments for more power and also I am going to explain the long - term causes and the short – term causes.

There are many different reasons for the causes of the English civil war but first I will start with the religious disputes. Charles had married Henrietta Maria of Spain, who was a strong Catholic. When Charles was king, England was a mostly Protestant country, and by having a Catholic queen caused many disputes and arguments.

Charles, who was an Anglican, attempted to enforce Anglican reforms onto the Scottish Church. Anglicans worshipped in a very lavish way, much like Catholics and because most of the UK was Protestant, the scots were not fond of the idea that Charles was trying to inflict the Anglican way of life on them.

The second cause was the financial quarrels between the king and parliament. When parliament stared and England became a democracy, parliament immediately wanted to discuss their grievances against the government and the royalists. Charles was very angered by this and dismissed the parliament, giving the name ‘short parliament’.

Charles went ahead with his military operation without the parliament’s support, and was obviously beaten by the scots because, although he didn’t know this, he would not succeed very well without the parliaments help and support. After that, Charles was in an even weaker position to be in, and the parliament knew this, so the best thing for Charles to do was to get parliament back on his side, so that he would be able to build up an army to fight Scotland.

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