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Topics: Chittagong, Dhaka, Bangladesh Pages: 28 (8137 words) Published: August 19, 2013

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Hartal: A Violent Challenge To The SocioEconomic Development Of Bangladesh Mallika Roy, Faria Hossain Borsha
Abstract: The paper depicts the grievous effect on different parts of economy like Export, Price level, Activity of port, Tourism sector, Human right etc. Trend, nature and the running of the wheel of the economy basically depend on the concerted adjacent of the related sectors of economy. As a result if the situation becomes entangled in a certain stage the wheel of the entire economy are bound to be halted abruptly. For this reason it is essential for our politician to search an alternate of hartal. The paper identifies a disappointing fact that hartal imposes a large cost on the economy. Also it attempts to explore the negative impacts on GDP and revenue collection. Based on the findings, a number of suggestive policy measures that the planners and implementers may consider for the future development of political situation in Bangladesh are embedded in the end of the paper. Keywords: Hartal, local government, transport sector, education sector, Export, Price hike, port, GDP, small business, stock market ————————————————————

HARTAL is not a new subject to Bangladesh. What has changed is their frequency and destructiveness. More than 100 years have past the world‘s first hartal was staged. It took place in South Africa and was lead by the person who conceived the idea, Mohandas K. Gandhi, to protest the Black Act in 1906. The history of Bangladesh as a nation state began in 1971. In the past time politics was used for the welfare of country. In those day‘s there was no quarrel among the politicians for money and power but as today most of the politicians are interest is grown for money and power not for welfare of country. The phenomenon of hartal is continuous with persistent regularity in present day at Bangladesh. On the other hand a stable political situation is strong prerequisite for achieving the targeted economic growth and creating employment opportunity. Hartal is used for political approach. Hartal was not everyday matter in those days but at present time Bangladesh‘s political system is feeble. For this purpose opposite party called hartal frequently.

2.1 Objective Our study about recent political wavering and hartal in Bangladesh was conducted following the methodology as under. 1. Collecting, sorting and analyzing secondary information relating to history of hartal of the country. 2. Collecting, analyzing, reviewing and assessing secondary information relating to recent political instability and hartal. 3. Gathering, synchronizing and investing secondary information connecting to the impact of hartal on different economic sector. 4. Analyzing and suggesting how political stability could be ensured in Bangladesh. 2.2 Source of data The paper is primarily based on secondary data collected from different website, journals, books and news paper. By using these data the paper has figured out the present condition of hartal at Bangladesh and it‘s affect on economy.

Though I know that every research has must some problems are created. We are also facing some problem during the course of my study but we have overcome those problems and capable to prepared our research article. We must admit that our research has also limitations in some form or other. It is best to recognize these limitations rather than to pretend that these limitations do not exist. We are frank and fair to mention any unprecedented or situational factors that we might encounter during the execution of our study. In our research there are some limitations. The main limitation of our research we did not find any books or articles or research in this topic. As this research is newly done by us that‘s why there will have some limitations and this is the...
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