Tv Violence

Topics: Violence, Media violence research, Television Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Television and movie violence

The “Hunger Games” has been very famous recently. Since it’s so famous, some of the college classes are using this book as teaching materials for English. However, both the book and the movie included a lot of violent scenes. This violence leads to a hit controversy that if teenagers should watch movies and television that contain violence.

On the other hand, research suggests movies and television violence encourage teenagers to have aggressive minds and behavior. Teenagers may got develop wrong attitudes and negative emotions from the movies and television because they are still too young to determine the difference between right and wrong. It may causes confusion that mixes up their minds. Since teenagers are only 13-18 years old, they’re still in the learning period. Anything that is new for them would catch their interest and they may learn from it. If no one guides them while they are watching the movies and television, they may think the violence in the movie scenes are acceptable. They lack real experience, so they don’t know if such violence is acceptable or not. They may blindly imitate those violence actions in the movie, which could be very dangerous. They might be more likely to commit crimes in the future.

Moreover, movies and television violence make the world seems less peaceful. According to some researches, after watching movies or television violence, the bad scenes will enter teenagers’ mind, which bring out worries and fears. Violent movies and television are a type of education. It keeps carry out some violence messages into audience’s mind. In long term, watching those movies and televisions may cause mental illnesses. Crime rate of the city would increase eventually. It might bring a lot of adverse problems to the society.

Despite those drawbacks, supporters believe violent movies and television could help audience to release stress. People have a lot of stress come from their daily life. Watching...
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