Tv - the One Eyed Monster

Topics: 2000s British television series, 2010s British television series, Eamonn Holmes Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: March 31, 2011
‘’The One-Eyed Monster’’

Today I am going to be talking about TV – ‘’The One-Eyed Monster’’

The TV in the corner of the living room, (and the bedroom, lounge – and in some cases, THE BATHROOM!) has taken over our lives!

*MONDAY: Daytime TV – News – Football – Soaps
TUESDAY: Daytime TV – News – Football – Soaps
WEDNESDAY: Daytime TV – News – Football – Soaps
THURSDAY: Daytime TV – News – Football – Soaps
FRIDAY: Daytime TV – News – Football – Soaps

*SATURDAY: ‘’OH!’’ Bit of a change
-Take me Out, Harry Hill’s TV Burp, Winning Streak-

All these programmes have taken over our lives, it’s as if we have to turn on our TV and watch these programmes, or is it that we are so used to it, that we cannot do without them !!

As soon as dinner is over, it’s a rush to who can sit down in front of the TV first. In my case, and probably in most cases, it’s the adults of the house watching their soaps – Corrie, Emmerdale, Eastenders.

And then they shout ‘’ You should be doing some revision and your homework’’ \ Yes Mum, I should, but I’m not.

This is one Monster caused by TV!

We’ve all watched Daytime TV, right?!
‘’Nothing else on the TV during the day!’’

Daybreak, Jeremy Kyle (say no more)
Eamonn Holmes on This Morning (cute, isn’t he?! JOKE!!)

Children’s TV – No more Barney, Postman Pat or teletubbies – I am sure today’s kids don’t even watch TV! I think it’s safe to say that TV has changed dramatically!

Every evening of the week there are quizzes, OMG, Mum and Dad thinking they are the ‘’bees-knees’’ answering all the questions. Countdown, Weakest Link (Ann Robinson winking at me?!) Eggheads, Oh please!

Has TV, that one-eyed monster, destroyed our lives?!

I think it is fair to say that TV is definitely entertaining when it comes to weekends, but also it is a time where we can spend too much time with the one-eyed monster.

We watch silly but funny shows like Harry Hill’s TV Burp – FIGHTTTTT! Take me Out – NO LIKEY, NO...
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