Tv or Books

Topics: Person, Psychology, Television Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Television is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. It has both many advantages and desadvantages when compared to reading a book. I do not know how many hours you watch tv in a day but its damage depends upon the time you spend in front of it.

In our society, reading a book is by most of the people regarded as wasting time. People would prefer to do everything rather than reading a book or something like periodical. And their preference is as you can guess on the side of watching tv. However as these people do not know the serious desadvantages of tv, they go on watching it for hours and hours. So, in this paper, I will mention the pros of reading a book and some of the unnumerable cons of watching tv.

First of all, tv makes people home keepers by making them anti-social creatures. These people graduallytend not to spend enough time with their children, friends, or relatives. And this in turn causes, especially in children, problems that stem from deficiency in love, interest shown towards them. These home keepers in time get very lazy and even their visions or perspectives about the world may change. They initially start to see everything unnecessary. Sometimes, they have great difficulty in realizingtheir duties such as studying lesson or working. Because these people in time get accustomed to sitting and lying down mostly. Even you can come across some people who think to become rich easily without working. Because the tv teaches this to them. Tv vaccinates this dangerous mentality, unfortunately.

As for reading a book, it provides one with so many advantages that one cannot even guess. First of all, it informs one on a subject in detail, which automatically increases your self-confidance. Because if one reads a newspaper or a book on a subject, s/he feels sufficient to talk about that subject. This, at the same time, improves the person’s thinking ability, offers him a wider perspective and an ability to examine events...
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