Tv Is Not a Waste of Time

Topics: Entertainment, Film, Television Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: September 2, 2013
First, TV is a good source of information. It allows people to have different kinds of information in easy way. For example, people could watch different kinds of programs that let them know different kind of information in different fields such as health, education, technology and so on and so forth.

Besides, television allows people to discover other unknown cultures, traditions, and religions. For example, through some documentary programmes people can discover the culture of the Iskimo community which was unknown for centuries until the TV unveils it and makes it known everywhere and to most people .Moreover, television lets people discover other traditions as in the case of the Indian marriage which was unknown by the Moroccan people until they discovered it through TV movies. In addition, many religions were strange to many people , but through television people discover them and become very familiar with them, such as the way the Indian people worship cows, which was so strange to Muslims ago.

There is no doubt that entertainment is another distinctive feature behind the discovery of TV. TV has a mysterious ability to entertain people all around the world. through watching movies ,sport or music people could get rid of their daily difficulties at works and enjoy themselves .Also children could get entertain by means of cartoons serials such as mike mouse or comic shows like mister been or children movies such as ‘ allies in the wonderful land’. For that TV is considered to be remarkable source of entertainment.
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