Tv Efffects in Daily Life

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Television, Talk show Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: May 5, 2013
In 2013,technology is growing up very fast.At this points ,many new inventions has been invented for convenience.However ,the world can’t negative that television is still lived with human forever because it is the only thing connect human to human.Therefore ,i am disagree that tv has destroyed communications among friends and family. Firsly,people have strong communication through tv.When tv have a funny show or a good film ,people will have more topic to talk whith friends and family.It creates relationship around us.Furthermore,watching tv is a daily activity of many family such as:mothers,fathers ,sons,daughters,etc…have chances to talks together after a long day. Secondly,tv ily members getting closer.When it have an education show,people in a room can gather around and dicusses about it.It is also a good acassion for parents to teach their children .had opportunity to understand what their childrens’ thinking.In addition,everybody in a house would do personal activity.Mom and dad work their paper work,children do their homework. Finally,many good shows and meaningfull programs that give us about the priceless and traditional of friendship and family.It fill up the viewer’s feeling so as to respects their family and friends ,too.Tv also encourage emotions for family members and friend.So people have to talk to maintain frineship and family In conclusion,the television hasn’t broken out the contaction between friends and family.Because of streng communication,family members getting closer and thanks family and friends.
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