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MBA 721 : Marketing Management
Assignment : TV Commercial Analysis

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Dr. Venkat Ramraj

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25th June, 2014


I watch different programs on daily bases especially when its holiday. The program that me and my brothers like most is called "Driven" . In every episode, they demonstrate super cars performance and their options. They take the super cars for test drives in both controlled track and the public streets . The show also provides the latest automotive news and gives the top 10 cars as per the speed and votes of their audience .

The show is broadcasted every Thursday at 4.45 Pm KSA on "MBC ACTION". The program is similar to the world reputed automotive program "Top Gear".



This show is my favorite due to several reason. The show's presenters are very good speakers and have great knowledge in cars and They get along very well with one another . The program also makes the presenters go through challenges where failure occurs which indicates that its realistic . The program blends humor with enthusiasm , where the presenters often make fun of each other and perform reckless stunts to entertain the audience. The thing that I like most in this show is their experiments, in every episode they test cars durability and performance and the test include crush tests, detonating explosives and time attack.


The program is broadcasted for 45 minutes, within that time two breaks are given. The first break is after 20 minutes of the show usually after the first trail of the automotive. The second break comes after 35 minutes from the beginning of the show. I came across 4 commercials during the first break:

1. Etisalat Telecommunication 
Primary Audience: Youth and Adults both genders
Secondary Audience: Relatives, friends and colleagues.
Benefit Emphasized: “Talk more for less”, in Arabic.
Characteristics: Covers most age groups starting from 13-60 , with income above R.O 150. It can also be purchased by unemployed people.

This was the first commercial broadcasted . The advertisement had a funny gesture and bright attracting theme (light green & blue) which represents the company's theme. Children and adults can be seen using the service the brand provides happily and seem to be satisfied . The commercial also emphasized on the importance of staying in touch with family and friends.

2. Clean and Clear Face wash
Primary Audience: Women
Secondary Audience: Spouse, friends, peers,
Benefit Emphasized: Clean, Clear and Confident. Creates awareness that the berry extracts helps the skin to wake up in the morning and also enabling it to glow. Characteristics: Young/independent women falling in the age group between 20-35 years. The ladies will be working or students. These females will be educated and may be married or unmarried.

This was the second advert on the list. The show and the advert target almost the same audience, however, the ad does not persuade the male genre to a large extent. The advert made sense, as it was creating awareness on how berries help the skin to glow. Moreover, as many women watch the show, it is a very effective advert. The women will be keen to try the product, since it is new in the market and also, because of the benefits emphasized.

3. Sony Vaio Accent Series
Primary Audience: Business people, technology freaks
Secondary Audience: Spouse, friends, kids etc.
Benefit Emphasized: New series of Sony Vaio. Keypad equipped with back lights i.e. the keyboard glows when laptop in use. Characteristics: Business people with high income and will be from lower uppers or upper uppers. These people might be married or unmarried and maybe males or females.

This was the third advert and was endorsed by the famous Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor. This advert targets similar audience, as the show targets...

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2) Marketing Management (4th Edition)- Russell S. Winer and Ravi Dhar
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