Tv Commercial

Topics: Dance, Michael Jackson, History of dance, Color, Dance music, Eminem / Pages: 3 (535 words) / Published: Nov 19th, 2010
Pepsi Commercial

Pepsi is one of the well-known soft drink brands in the world. As we can see, the main color theme in the commercial is red which is also known as the main brand color of Pepsi and moreover, it is an eye catchy color as well. This commercial is very effective because they have chosen a famous and well-known person – Michael Jackson so many audiences will be impressed by this, especially his fans. There is a little boy who dressed in Michael Jackson’s style, makes up with Michael’s typical hair and shows his talent like many skillful movements in dancing. Then his idol appeared and danced with him. Pepsi’s company was very successful by using its own lyrics but based on a strong and attractive melody. The sentence “You are whole generation. Just feel in the Pepsi’s way.” was emphasized many times to made the viewers remember the name of the brand easier as they watched it. Then as we can see, their message behind this commercial was to present their product and to make more and more people buy it, especially the children because this commercial is somehow very attractive to the children. Maybe, they will think that Pepsi is the good choice to make them more cool and talented like the kids in the commercial. And at the end, the slogan “Pepsi – the choice of a generation” appeared to make people think about a new world with a new talent generation or in other word, it can be known as “Pepsi can change the world.”

Forever 21 Commercial

Forever 21 is a favorite fashion brand of American. This commercial was set on a beach and a situation of a boy trying to make up with a strange beautiful girl. He tried to impress her by some skillful movements dancing on the sea such as Break Dance and Hip Hop. But unfortunately, she did not care anything about his performance and she walked away while he felt very disappointed. At the end, suddenly, he took a shirt from Forever 21 on and the

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